The Gradated Diminishing Of Reality – Travel in FRPG

Another filler article, I’m afraid. I’ve made quite a lot of progress but – due to external factors – simply ran out of time. I’ve been saving this one for just such an eventuality… F[...]
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System vs. Narrative – Initiative

March 2, 2015 from Reality Refracted
Filed under: GM, RPG Hub 
Over the weekend NewbieDM was talking about initiative and how he has issues with how it is handled in games. His problem, in specific, was that initiative is kind of a smash cut that breaks you out of the narrative at a[...]
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Idea For A Farce

March 2, 2015 from Barking Alien
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My Thorough Thursdays series appears to be fairly popular. Based on the number of views, comments, and messages I've gotten here, and on Facebook, it seems like a worthwhile endeavor to keep the feature going. It's also [...]
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Vampires in FRPG

March 2, 2015 from Board Enterprises
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Yes, I am well aware that White Wolf has a hugely successful line of vampire based games, but to me, that’s not FANTASY RPG. I’m thinking about the more fantasy based games, well like [[Legend Quest]].In the[...]
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Friday Night Videos: Sojourn in Hell

February 28, 2015 from The Other Side
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Welcome once again to Friday Night Videos! Tonight I want to feature videos from the soundtrack "A Sojourn in Hell".  Never heard of it? No one has.  It was a collection of MP3s I listened to while I was wor[...]
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