What makes a good dungeon?

September 1, 2014 from Trollish Delver
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Last night in Pathfinder my players stumbled across a building that was pretty much a large office complex. GM's familiar with the module Burnt Offerings might have an inkling as to which building I'm talking about - but[...]
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A Population Of Dinosaurs and the impact on RPG ecologies

How many types of dinosaurs were there? And how can a theoretical examination of the question be applied to RPG games? This is going to be one of the more unusual posts here at Campaign Mastery. For a start, it’s f[...]
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How to Grow a Fantasy Economy

August 31, 2014 from Board Enterprises
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No, this is not how to increase the size of a fantasy economy if you are a fantasy ruler. I could teach classes on that, but I won’t. This is how to take a couple of small things and start building them into much[...]
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