Everybody talking about Sleep

July 23, 2014 from Bat in the Attic
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Tim Shorts and Douglas Cole both talk about sleep spells. When I run a classic DnD game (Swords and Wizardry, ADnD 1st, etc). I ignore the HD chart and simply have the players roll 4d4 for the number of hit dice they eff[...]
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A Political Game

July 23, 2014 from Reality Refracted
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It's funny in a way how your tastes change as you grow older. When I was younger and first saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I didn't like it. It seemed too floofy and silly to be taken seriously. On a more recent watch[...]
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Removing The Kid Gloves

July 21, 2014 from Barking Alien
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This is a very special installment of my popular (relative to this blog) series, 'What Other GMs Do Wrong'. For this entry, I take a look, not at other GMs, but at my self. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, and semi-amphibious,[...]
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Terrain Evolution

July 21, 2014 from Game in the Brain
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Experimenting some more. These are Gifs of 128x128. They average 10kb. At 256x256 they average 30kb as gif and 90kb as png. I'll be sticking to gifs more to run the game smoother. They look more and more like BIT ar[...]
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