The Pentagon Of Encounter Design

There are five attributes to any encounter that define it, and any one of them can be the foundation of that encounter. In the old days of D&D, it used to be that there was relatively limited flexibility. You chose a[...]
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Pre-Established In Character Relationships

January 15, 2017 from Reality Refracted
Filed under: Character Development, RPG Hub 
Pre-Established relationships between characters is something coming into play with more systems. The understanding behind it is easy enough to figure out: if the PCs know each other already it is a lot easier to get the[...]
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Titles, Ranks, and the Organization of Everything

January 15, 2017 from Board Enterprises
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You may have seen recently how one of our readers challenged us to write about “titles, ranks, and the organization of everything”.  Why? because it is hugely difficult to understand the noble progressio[...]
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