But That’s Not in the Rules

December 18, 2014 from RPG Circus
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This morning, I had the chance to read the excellent article over at the Gnome Stew called The Real Issues With Encounter Balance. One part really stuck me was the following. There is also a more recent trend, and one[...]
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5e Dungeon Masters Guide: The Paradoxical Economy of D&D

December 18, 2014 from Blog of Holding
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The D&D Dungeon Masters Guide is out now, and it's a very cool resource filled with lots of new rules for treasure, magic items, world building, new downtime activities, and optional rules! Also, my name is in the pl[...]
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Christmas Kills: The Legend of Holiday Group Collapse

December 17, 2014 from Dice Monkey
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Every year it’s the same: Players get busy, and before you know it, you don’t have a gaming group for much of November and all of December. This is a dangerous time for any gaming group, as it has the danger [...]
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Now for a word about Traveller

December 17, 2014 from Bat in the Attic
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Traveller has always been one of my favorite science fiction RPGs. One of the hallmarks of Traveller is its dedicated fanbase and the fact they have supported the game continuously since its publication. First with Fanzi[...]
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