Johnn Four Made Me a Better GM, and He Can Make You a Better GM Too

February 4, 2016 from Dice Monkey
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I’ve been subscribed to Johnn Four’s RPGTips email since I started gaming. Looking back at my email, it looks like it was at least 2005, but I know it went back much, much earlier, probably back to 2000. Most[...]
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Ask The GMs: Iceberg Plotlines: Massive Plot Arcs in RPGs

This is the second of these Ask-The-GMs that I’m tackling without recourse to my usual allies and fellow-GMs. Today’s question is asks about something I’ve described using a number of different terms ov[...]
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How Much XP To Give Out

February 3, 2016 from Reality Refracted
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On Monday I talked about how you're doing XP in your game all wrong. Today I want to talk about how much XP you should be giving out. Unfortunately, since every game uses a different scale and system for XP, I can't just[...]
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FFG Star Wars Edge of the Empire Session 1 – Lessons Learned

February 2, 2016 from The Douchey DM
Filed under: advice, RPG Hub, Star Wars 
I just finished the first session of my Edge of the Empire campaign. It was a lot of fun (the actual play will be up on the site in a couple weeks). Even though this was only the first session, I did learn[...]
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