Do you as the GM have obligations?

November 21, 2014 from The Omnipotent Eye
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Not too long ago we talked on our podcast with Swedish rpg luminary Anders Björkelid. He and his friends in the rpg club NisseNytt toured conventions with massive well researched scenarios, and published their fanzi[...]
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Two Dungeon Masters… At Once?!

November 21, 2014 from Dice Monkey
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This week we kicked off Hoard of the Dragon Queen at the shop. The table is heavy-laden with 12 players, but we managed to get through most encounters in Greenest in Flames by splitting the group in two and going on sepa[...]
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Ruminations on Amber, Gaming, and other Stuff.

November 20, 2014 from The Rhetorical Gamer
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The Amber Diceless Roleplaying game is the greatest diceless RPG of all time. That is a statement of opinion but one that I will joyously discuss with anyone to explain the virtues of this most excellent system. To say t[...]
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Lindsey Stirling – Dragon Age / Occult Violinist

November 20, 2014 from The Other Side
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If your Bard is not as cool as this then you are playing her wrong.I will admit I am a fan of this little pixie.Of course with the right tinkering in Ghosts of Albion you take the Occult Poet and make an Occult Violinist[...]
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The Blacklist TV

November 20, 2014 from Board Enterprises
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Have you seen the episode of The Blacklist (season 2 - episode 6) called The Mombasa Cartel? Towards the end, Red is threatening the rich guy and explaining Dembe Zuma’s backstory. He ends with something like, &l[...]
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