Plunging Into Game Physics Pt 4: Better Campaigns Through Physics

This entry is part 3 in the series Plunging into Game Physics A ‘Game Physics’ can shape plots, be revealed and extended by plots, but its greatest impact is usually more subtle and cumulative, and only exper[...]
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Three Rule Zeroes…

June 29, 2015 from Reality Refracted
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When people talk about games and unwritten rules, frequently you'll have things come up and be referenced as "rule 0." In other words, it is a rule that comes before any of the rules in the book and thus takes precedent [...]
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June 28, 2015 from Board Enterprises
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I spend a lot of time trying to get my fantasy cities to be cosmopolitan. You know - How do elves and dwarves fit into a mainly human setting in an intelligent manner. Why? Because my players tend to play all differen[...]
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