RPG TV: Panels from VirtuaCon

October 22, 2014 from Age of Ravens
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VirtuaCon had an amazing array of panels this year. I only ran one, but I participated in four others. The inexhaustible Rich Rogers moderated a crazy number of them. If you're not following him on YouTube or[...]
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Attacking Past Victories

October 22, 2014 from Reality Refracted
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This Friday sees my L5R game once again being played and the conclusion to the first major political event in the game - the party to announce the PCs to the Courts in the Imperial city the game is set in. The first part[...]
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Who Does That?

October 21, 2014 from Barking Alien
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I hate dungeons.*Have I mentioned this before? I'm sure I have. If I haven't, that's a major faux pas on my part. My bad, sorry.I hate dungeons.**Now that we're clear, let me tell you  one reason why. Generally, it'[...]
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Race To The Moon – a lesson in story structure

I was catching up on a Documentary series recently aired on Australian TV over the weekend just passed, called “The Sixties”. Each episode attempts to encapsulate one aspect of the singular decade of my birth[...]
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It’s a Good Day to Die

October 20, 2014 from Game Knight Reviews
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One of the trickier things to handle in a campaign is a player’s character death. Over many years of roleplaying, I’ve had my share of character deaths. Not being a computer game, there is no reload/respawn p[...]
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