7th Sea Maps and Tokens

August 21, 2014 from Transitive Property of Gaming
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Earlier this year I ran a short 7th Sea campaign via the Roll20 online interface, so I needed to whip up some tokens and images. The campaign ended earlier than intended (less than half a dozen sessions, IIRC) for schedu[...]
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Shades Of Suspense Pt 2 – Fourteen Types of Cliffhanger Finishes

For those who came in late: Cliffhangers are a wonderful way to end a gaming session. Ending play at a moment of high drama leaves players anxious to get back to the gaming table, and makes a gaming session memorable. Th[...]
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GenCon Round Up Part 2 – Developer Run Games

August 21, 2014 from Reality Refracted
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One of the more awesome experiences I got to enjoy at GenCon this year happened on Sunday morning. On a bit of a whim I and my friend headed down to room 127 where Catalyst and Fantasy Flight Games had some tables set up[...]
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