Rifts Misadventures: An Artist’s Impression

August 29, 2014 from Dungeonskull Mountain
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Perhaps you're wondering what the characters featured in the "Rifts Misadventures" session recaps look like. Well, wonder no more:Rifts by EUDETENISFront left: Max Parkinson, runaway teenager, Human MysticCenter right: V[...]
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Seven Circles Of Hell – Creating Politics for an RPG

Politics is one of those inevitable conditions, like death and taxes, that every GM has to master to some extent because it will make its presence felt in every campaign. There’s always something more to say on the[...]
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Five Reasons the FATE RPG is Awesome and Why The Rest of the World Sucks for Not Telling Me About it Sooner

August 28, 2014 from Rule of the Dice
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Seriously, it's been out for over 10 years, someone should have pointed this out to me. It's not like I was completely unaware of FATE. I knew it existed, I had heard of it, knew it won a bunch of awards. But in my "l[...]
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French Space Opera – Time Jam: Valérian and Laureline

August 27, 2014 from Roleplay Geek
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I've mentioned several times on this blog that Luc Besson is one of of my favourite directors/producers/writers and I always keep up to date with what projects he is involved with.  Back in 2012 he announced he was [...]
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A Trip to the Doldrums

August 27, 2014 from Moebius Adventures Blog
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“Welcome to the doldrums,” said the captain. “We’ll be here for a while until the sea goddess laughs and creates a bit of wind to push us home.” We knew it was dangerous to travel into these[...]
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Tuesday Magic Item – Unicorn Horn Lance

August 27, 2014 from Sea of Stars
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“You cannot escape, defiler,” shouted Dame Crystalthorn thrusting her spiral horn tipped lance. The Agent of the Black Tree rocked back, avoiding the spear point and pushing one of his ash minions into the wa[...]
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