Fred Carter and the Mardi Gras Monster: There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Gator

October 19, 2016 from A Rust Monster Ate My Sword
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The saga of Fred Carter continues with today's installment, Fred Carter and the Mardi Gras Monster:  There's More Than One Way to Skin a GatorWho is Fred Carter? You can find the answer to that question&nb[...]
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Vampyres: Chill 3rd Edition

October 19, 2016 from The Other Side
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Back in the earliest days of this blog I did a week-long deep dive into the characters of Fran and Miriam from the 1974 version of Vampyres.  I worked them for a number of games, including Chill 1st Edition.Wel[...]
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Get to Know the Crossroads

October 19, 2016 from Colin McLaughlin
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After a diversion into some discussion of Nemesis, I return this week to encourage people to get to know things. In the name of this spooky season, I am continuing with demons, devils, ghoulies, ghosties, goblins, and so[...]
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Tuesday Magic Item- Puissant Warrior Elixir (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

October 18, 2016 from Sea of Stars
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“While I have used potions now and then, but these warriors seem to use them . . . a lot,” said Voddick quietly, sipping his ale. “I had noticed,” agreed Gollaon, equally quietly.  “I t[...]
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