What Is Magic? Six Answers

Magic features in a lot of different RPGs, but very few of them answer this simple, fundamental question – what is it, and how can it be used to achieve the many and various effects that are attributed to it within[...]
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RPGaDAY2016: Day 25

August 25, 2016 from The Other Side
Filed under: Character, RPG Hub 
In your opinion, what do you need for a satisfying character?All I need is a good concept I want to explore.In particular when creating a character I might have some archetype or even some stereotype I want to explore.Cu[...]
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Tuesday Magic Item – Eavesdropper’s Earring

August 23, 2016 from Sea of Stars
Filed under: pathfinder, RPG Hub, World Building 
Voddick sipped at his wine.  “Well, serving as bodyguards at a party is not a bad job.”  His free hand fiddled with his collar.  “Even if the clothes are a bit ridiculous.” “Y[...]
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