Independence Day: Resurgence and Wasting Good Design

June 29, 2016 from Colin McLaughlin
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Zir’an can wait one more week. I absolutely must discuss Independence Day: Resurgence and how it represents the very worst parts of bad fantasy and game running. As weird as this sounds, this movie is half insanely[...]
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Tuesday Magic Item – Functionary’s Ring (for Pathfinder and D&D5)

June 28, 2016 from Sea of Stars
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“I would rather face a cavalry charge than bureaucrats,” whispered Voddick. “Understandable,” agreed Gollaon, shuffling forward with the queue.  “But this is one danger we must face.&nb[...]
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Iggwilv, The Witch Queen of Perrenland

June 28, 2016 from The Other Side
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I have been doing some research on Iggwilv for my War of the Witch Queens adventure and as part of my prep for my kids finishing up "The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga" (more on that tomorrow). While working on thes[...]
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The Many Words of Jack Vance

June 27, 2016 from From the Sorcerer's Skull
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The first edition of the Jack Vance Lexicon came out in the early 90s and goes for a high price today, if you can find one. Luckily, Spatterlight Press has come out with an updated edition by Dan Temianka, now available [...]
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