TCCT and N: Excessive Wealth in D&D

There are certain topics that are classics, because you never seem to run out of questions being asked about them, or out of different answers with which to respond. For the most part, Campaign Mastery steers clear of th[...]
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The Otus Pantheon

February 11, 2016 from From the Sorcerer's Skull
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Blame Chris Kutalik. He did a post Sunday about imagining a pantheon based on Erol Otus strange evocative illustrations in Deities & Demigods. This is what I came up with:Click to check it out in its enlarged "glory.[...]
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Twitter’s Adventure Seeds: History in Pictures

February 11, 2016 from Siskoids Blog of Geekery
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As I was saying last week, some Twitter accounts are of particular value to GameMasters because they can inspire some pretty cool adventure ideas for their favorite role-playing games. And for me, that means time travel [...]
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