[Cryptworld] New Thing: Gravedigger

February 25, 2015 from The Savage Afterworld
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A Harbinger of Doom for Cryptworld GRAVEDIGGER STR: NA --- WPR: 7 (105) DEX: NA --- PER: 6 (90) AGL: NA --- PCN: 9 (135) STA: NA --- PWR: 100 ATT: 1/* --- WND: 0* MV: F 75 (incorporeal) Experience: 1,000 The Gr[...]
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New Release: The Pale Lady

February 24, 2015 from Unofficial Games
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Deep in the woods, every woods, there seems to be a monstrous child stealing witch.Every spring more and more children go missing never to return.Two years ago one returned from his absence and is telling tales of vast r[...]
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