RPG Licensing Fun: American’s Best Comics

September 25, 2017 from Siskoids Blog of Geekery
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It's always interesting to think of how intellectual properties might be interpreted as role-playing games. How would any given franchise be handled?  System design, look, supplements, what characters could be playe[...]
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No revision where revision is unnecessary

September 24, 2017 from Observations of the Fox
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I was about to revise my game "Tales", but I realised that I had done this last year.The post for the revision can be found here.My intention was to bring the Tales idea into line with what I've been working on for "The [...]
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Worst as a Long Term Game and Pinhead Characters

September 24, 2017 from World of Alidor
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What I thought originally was that Worst RPG would be a great one shot game, something to play quick between campaigns from other systems, or at a gaming convention after a TPK. With that in mind, the characters in Worst[...]
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Dice or Cards?

September 24, 2017 from Stargazer's World
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00I have had a bit of a fascination with card deck vs dice based rpgs for the last year. There is a rather strange game called ABS12 (A Basic System 12) which is all based around d12 rolls. D12s give a relatively large n[...]
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