Good Die and Bad Die

May 2, 2016 from Observations of the Fox
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Years ago...actually decades ago, I had a friend who ran a very simple game system that he called "Good Die, Bad Die". It basically worked on the idea that you added your good die (a d6) to your ability score, and a bad [...]
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Profession Skill Scope

May 2, 2016 from Game in the Brain
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As work also inspires my gaming, I've come to see Profession more differently. Market Knowledge Market Cycles. the seasons of the business, when most of its earnings happen and the timing of each aspect that has time[...]
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Life after Obsidian Portal

May 1, 2016 from The Dread Gazebo
Filed under: Game Design, RPG Hub 
End of an Era I’ve held off for a good long while to post this. Mainly because other things have gotten in the way, but also because I think I needed to take a good amount of time to reflect on my 5 years at Obsidi[...]
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[Game Design] Alternate Basic Mechanics for 7th Sea, second edition Quickstart

May 1, 2016 from Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
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To follow up on the article I wrote about my first impressions of the 7th Sea Second Edition Quickstart, I’ve gotten it in my head to design a lite version of it, perhaps something that might address some concerns [...]
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