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October 31, 2014 from Dungeon Divas
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A gift can always make him in high sprits especially when he is now hurt as well as that the gift is at line using the information he delights in. So you must use caution when selecting a present. For those who have not [...]
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Looking back over the last Four Months as November draws Near

October 31, 2014 from Sea of Stars
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Happy All Hallows Day and Eve all!  Enjoy costumes, food and whatever else one does on this lovely holiday! Tomorrow is the beginning of November with All Saints Day.  November is the ninth month of the Roman c[...]
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Attention all ye potential 5e App Developers

October 31, 2014 from Bat in the Attic
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Dungeonscape has gone down as Wizards of the Coast terminated their licensing agreement. I got in both Web and Android beta. The app for a beta sucked. It wasn't buggy but rather so bare of content and utility it was lik[...]
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Shadowrun 2070 Campaign Report and New Seattle Scream (#46)

October 30, 2014 from Sea of Stars
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It has been sometime since my last update (unless you count PinkCat‘s) but Shadowrun has been continuing, the shared campaign has slowed considerably, with two GMs mostly dropping out of running, but the NorCal bra[...]
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EN World Review – Castles & Crusades: Night of the Spirits by Troll Lord Games

October 30, 2014 from Neuroglyph Games
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Happy Halloween Eve, Gentle Readers! October is finally done – tomorrow is Halloween but it feels like the summer was only days ago!  I honestly don’t know where time has gone, but I have a feeling some [...]
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Podcast Episode The Boardgame Review Room: Sentinel Tactics

October 30, 2014 from G*M*S Magazine
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When Sentinels of the Multiverse came out, it rightly turned some faces. Because the game is rather terrific. Or I think so at least. Not everyone liked it, like my colleague Michael, who found it too bland for his card [...]
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Super-heroics as an FRP Combat Planning Tool

When you’re designing a battle for an FRP adventure, how do you make it different from every such battle that you’ve had in the past? How do you make it more interesting than a mere dice-rolling exercise? It&[...]
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DungeonScape for 5E is gone before it started

October 30, 2014 from Greyhawk Grognard
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This just in from OSR Today:This morning it was announced by Trapdoor Technologies, who were creating the new character generator called Dungeonscape for Dungeons & Dragons 5e, are shutting down the current version o[...]
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Review: A Touch of Evil

October 29, 2014 from Geek Ken
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To get into the spirit of Halloween I’ve been wanting a horror-themed board game for a while now, something that would capture that feeling of investigation some and have monsters to face off against. I’m a [...]
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Loot: More Traveller Stuff

October 29, 2014 from Stargazer's World
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This morning I had three books that I ordered from DriveThruRPG a while ago in the mail. Initially  I tried to order these books from a local shop, but it seems most German and UK distributors don’t have acces[...]
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So what’s up with Philippine Gamer?

October 29, 2014 from Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
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It’s been a while since my last post on the blog, hasn’t it? Things are changing in my life right now, with work responsibilities getting more demanding and the fact that I’m going to be a dad in a few [...]
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