WotC News Roundup

April 16, 2014 from Greyhawk Grognard
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A couple of news items of interest today...Dead in Thay, the next season of D&D Encounters, is launching on the weekend of May 10-11. Seems to be an old-fashioned dungeon crawl.There's a revised version of the Dungeo[...]
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Season 6 Episode 7 – Printing in the 3rd Dimension

April 16, 2014 from RPG Circus
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Welcome to Season 6 Episode 7 of RPG CircusEpisode Topics Gaming Go Bag 3D Printers and Gaming Environments in Gaming Hosts Jeff Jay Ben Show Links CCP Games Halts Development of World of Darkness MMO KS: HeroShe[...]
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Brief Thoughts On SHIELD

April 16, 2014 from LizardGames
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(Posted on FB, but it occurs to me I could use actual content here once in a while.) So, #AgentsOfShield is finally the show I wanted it to be. Contrary to some claims, neither I, nor, I think, most fans, … Contin[...]
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Round Table 12 – D&D in TV and Movies

April 14, 2014 from The Tome Show
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Inspired by Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, a recently premiered episode of NBC’s Community, James Introcaso sits down with Vegas [...] [...]
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Myth vs Galaxy Defenders vs Shadows of Brimstone part 8: Non-Combat Actions

April 14, 2014 from Transitive Property of Gaming
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This is the 8th, and probably final post in a series comparing specific elements of three big kickstarted cooperative miniatures games: Myth by Mercs/Megacon, Galaxy Defenders by Project Gremlin / Ares, and Shadows of Br[...]
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Wargaming Recon #112: HuzzahCon 2014

April 14, 2014 from Troll In The Corner
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HuzzahCon 2014 Special guest Dean Emmerson is a member of the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, which organizes HuzzahCon in Portland, Maine. He joins the episode to share why you need to attend HuzzahCon 2014. Som[...]
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