Scourge of the Demon Wolf sale!

May 27, 2015 from Bat in the Attic
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The PDF copy of Scourge of the Demon Wolf is on sale for $6 on RPGNow (or DriveThruRPG).Three died. They were mauled beyond recognition. The Baron sent his huntsmen to kill the beasts and for a fortnight they tramped ac[...]
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6th Gun Savage Worlds Setting

May 27, 2015 from Geek Ken
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Those that check my blog out regularly know I love me some 6th gun. It’s a great comic and a setting I mined for my own Weird West game. Deadlands is cool but it’s a little too out there with spooky and steam[...]
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Rokugan SRIU Episode 3 “Temples, Tigers and Trouble” (L5R Campaign Report)

May 26, 2015 from Sea of Stars
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Six weeks have passed since the Hanami and the Empire moves into early summer.  The new members of the SRIU have been spending their days training as yoriki.  After several weeks of alternating training and rel[...]
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