Dark Future Ahead 16 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

June 30, 2016 from Sea of Stars
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Lots of information on architecture this time around but buildings are important.  Now, tune in for the latest interesting and cyberpunk inspiring stories that I have found: When business travelers suspect they will[...]
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[Review] 7th Sea, 2nd Edition

June 30, 2016 from Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
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To call this a 2nd Edition feels like a bit of a misnomer. John Wick has taken the old 7th Sea, tossed the old Roll and Keep mechanics overboard, and rewrote much of the setting and history to create this new version of [...]
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Dungeons & Dragons: THE HAND OF CHAOS Has Title and Lead

June 29, 2016 from Shawn Ellsworth
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We’ve been covering the D&D movie since back in February, when it was revealed the movie would be set in the Forgotten Realms and have a Guardians of the Galaxy feel. Then in April we learned that the movie wou[...]
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Owen’s Genius Stuff – A Big Bundle Deal for Pathfinder!

June 28, 2016 from Sea of Stars
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I have written reviews for lots of Rogue Genius Games’ products and they have all been favorable because they do good work! But for a limited time you can get all of Owen K. C. Stephan’s RGG products (about 2[...]
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