Review: The Overrun Mines

August 27, 2014 from Gothridge Manor
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The Overrun Mines was written by +Shane Ward under the 3 Toadstools Publishing banner.  It's a low-level adventure, for 4 characters of levels 1+ using the Labyrinth Lord & B/X rule systems. Price:.50 centsPhysi[...]
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GenCon Adevnture 2014, Part the First

August 27, 2014 from Sea of Stars
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Day -1 Headed out towards GenCon, we break the trip up into two stages as we have to be there in the early Wednesday afternoon.  Stopped in Cave City, our usual transit point, ate dinner at Cracker Barrel (where the[...]
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5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Review, Part One

August 26, 2014 from The Rhetorical Gamer
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Here’s the short review. I’m a fan. The basic system design is solid, the classes are just cool, and the new magic rules make me very happy. When I got ahold of the 5th edition Players Handbook I was already [...]
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Super Capsules: Hazard, Criminal Intent & Corporations

August 25, 2014 from Age of Ravens
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SUPER CAPSULE MINI-REVIEWSI’d like to get through my backlog of smaller superhero support products. Good non-core supplements can get lost in battles over new editions and revisions. I’m always looking for [...]
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D&D 5th Edition is much better than I anticipated

August 25, 2014 from Stargazer's World
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When I had a look at the first public playtest documents Wizards of the Coast released of then-called “D&D Next” I was cautiously optimistic. But over time I lost interest in the game. I still thought tha[...]
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