5e Monster Manual Review (Tome 243)

October 24, 2014 from The Tome Show
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In this episode of The Tome, Jeff and Tracy are joined by James Introcaso (Team Flumph), Mike Shea (Team Demilich), and Sam Dillon (Team Beholder). They sit down and discuss the newly released 5th edition MONSTER MANUAL[...]
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EN World Pre-Release Review – The Rise of Tiamat by Kobold Press & Wizards of the Coast

October 24, 2014 from Neuroglyph Games
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Hail and Well Met Gentle Readers! Another week has sped by, Fellow Gamers, and the weekend draws near – with hopefully many opportunities for you all to have some great gaming fun. Personally, I’ve got plans [...]
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Review – Halloween Horrors

October 22, 2014 from Sea of Stars
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Halloween Horrors provides six supernatural foes suitable for modern superhero games, though they could easily be adjusted to find modern horror games as well.  A good source of inspiration for horror-based adv[...]
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