Tuesday Magic Item – Deatheater Blade

May 27, 2015 from Sea of Stars
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The old knight stopped at the top of the stairway leading down into the catacombs.  “You two, take warning back to the town, I will buy your what time my old frame can.” Voddick paused to send a crossbow[...]
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May 27, 2015 from Observations of the Fox
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A half orc barbarian with massive intelligence but no formal training in how to apply it (think of him like a pseudo-medieval/fantasy mythbuster who likes to pull things apart and blow things up).A human monk with a penc[...]
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Does the World need a "Microlite20 Extended"?

May 26, 2015 from RetroRoleplaying
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I have received what appears to me to be a very strange request: that I write an "extended version" of Microlite20. After some back and forth in email with this person (who I will refer to as Jack), I think I finally und[...]
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New Beginnings: Phase X: Beginning

This entry is part 11 in the series New BeginningsIt’s not easy making a completely fresh start. This series has examined the process of creating a new campaign in detail, and at last, the new campaign is ready for[...]
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Arduin Grimoire, Part XV

May 24, 2015 from LizardGames
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Arduin Grimoire, Part XV (And Final) Air Sharks and Doomguards, and Hell Stars, Oh My! And Demon Lore And The 21 Planes Of Hell! And We’re Done! As we finally drift towards the end of the first book, we go out on a[...]
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