Three Monsters Mild

April 27, 2016 from Land of Nod
Filed under: Legacy DnD, RPG, RPG Hub 
I'm kinda sorta working on a little book called Monsters Mild, which will include 12 to 15 monsters that are not so much intended as foes to fight as they are to be things characters might meet and maybe even befriend. T[...]
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Tuesday Magic Item – Venturers’ Indispensable Satchel

April 26, 2016 from Sea of Stars
Filed under: pathfinder, RPG Hub, World Building 
“I am so glad we were able to acquire these satchels,” said Voddick chewing on a piece of bread. “Well, we did save that enchanter life, thrice; we earned them,” said Gollaon.  “But I t[...]
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Dungeon World Hits My Microlite7x Sunday Game Group

April 26, 2016 from RetroRoleplaying
Filed under: Old School, RPG Hub 
One of my four Sunday game players was going to be out of town for business for the last three Sundays in April. Originally, I was going to run my Sunday game for the remaining three players running some of their henchme[...]
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