Tuesday Magic Item – Magical Incense

July 25, 2017 from Sea of Stars
Filed under: pathfinder, RPG Hub, World Building 
Voddick rubbed at his nose. “Incense always make he want to sneeze.” “Well do not,” whispered Gollaon.  “We do not want to offend any of these god-botherers.” Voddick nodded and t[...]
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New in Print: Mail-call Edition

July 25, 2017 from The Other Side
Filed under: Old School, RPG Hub 
When I get games or game books together; either via a con, or an auction, 2nd hand sale, or whatever I tend to think of them as "linked" products whether they are or not.  This is doubly true when I get a bunch book[...]
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A Proliferation Of Lesser Masterminds

It’s easy to fall into the trap of having a singular arch-enemy in a campaign. If anything happens to that enemy, it can leave the GM casting around for a direction. What’s more, having one central villain wh[...]
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