Feiya, Pathfinder Iconic Witch

September 23, 2014 from The Other Side
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I have been thinking and working a lot in Pathfinder for the last few weeks.  Gearing up for the release of Strange Brew.  I have been reading over all their witch material and that includes material on their i[...]
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Kickstarter: Southlands by Kobold Press

September 23, 2014 from The Outsyder's Blog
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Kobold Press has a reputation for putting good stuff out there, and this one looks to be another in their long line of quality products. Click the video to find out... duh. Or just jump straight to their Kickstarte[...]
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Thatch and Confusion – creating a village

September 22, 2014 from Campaign Mastery
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Despite many articles in development, today I’m choosing to scratch a pure fantasy-gaming itch that’s been growing for a while. Specifically, I’m going to look at how I go about creating a village for a[...]
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Underdark Campaign Log #17

September 22, 2014 from The Outsyder's Blog
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This post has been a long time coming. I've actually been a few weeks behind on posting campaign logs, so this week I'll be posting two in order to get caught back up. Cast: More of Jake's artwork here. Blue, Hu[...]
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Old D&D editions and clones – OD&D

September 22, 2014 from The Omnipotent Eye
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I posted the question a while ago "how many clones do you need" when I realized I really didn't feel like buying two new old school games. This is my series of taking down those things off the shelf and reconsidering the[...]
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