Arduin Grimoire, Part VI

February 28, 2015 from LizardGames
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Arduin Grimoire, Part VI Classes Like Magic Items And Monsters, You Can Never Have Too Many, Right? (Note That I Didn’t Make Some Kind Of ‘You Got No Class’ Joke. Clearly, I’m Aiming Higher Now.) [...]
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Another Skill System For Swords and Wizardry Whitebox

February 28, 2015 from RetroRoleplaying
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Someone asked for a simple skill system that would work with Swords and Wizardry Whitebox on one of the forums I read. I know there are a lot of this out there, but I'm sure there is room for one more. Here is a slightl[...]
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Adorable Creatures: Otterling

February 27, 2015 from Kobold Quarterly
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Quick-witted, devious, and ambitious, otterlings are a mischievous race that dwells in riverfront villages. They make natural craftsmen and nimble fighters on the battlefield. Meanwhile their grandiose ambitions often le[...]
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Ask The GMs: Some Arcane Assembly Required – Pt 2: Sourcing Parts

February 26, 2015 from Campaign Mastery
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This entry is part 2 in the series Some Arcane Assembly Required This question comes from GM Roy, who wrote: “I need some inspiration to create cool names for spell components. I have 5 [scales of rarity = Mike]: C[...]
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Snakes and Scorpions: Four Menacing Pulp Monsters

February 26, 2015 from Kobold Quarterly
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“… and now from an opening on one side came a silent writhing horror that reared up and glared on the intruder with awful luminous eyes; a serpent twenty feet long, with shimmering, iridescent scales.”[...]
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