Pieces of Ordinary Randomness: Random Techniques Of Chance

The Twists haven’t stopped yet! This month’s Blog Carnival, hosted by Campaign Mastery, isn’t finished yet!. The subject is still “With A Twist” and it covers anything about Surprises, the U[...]
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Razor Coast for Cheap!

December 21, 2014 from Geek Related
Filed under: pathfinder, RPG, RPG Hub 
We’re getting set to run through Razor Coast in our Reavers campaign. This Kickstarted gem from Nick Logue was in limbo for a long time and finally came to fruition.  If you didn’t get a copy, you are in[...]
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RPG Retrospective 2014

December 19, 2014 from Bill Heron
Filed under: pathfinder, RPG Hub 
Another “Year in Gaming” post! Almost as traditional as turkey, but possibly not as dry. This is my annual look at my gaming experiences over the year. As always, these views are my own and may be the result[...]
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