The Pentagon Of Encounter Design

There are five attributes to any encounter that define it, and any one of them can be the foundation of that encounter. In the old days of D&D, it used to be that there was relatively limited flexibility. You chose a[...]
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Ancient images of paladins uncovered

January 14, 2017 from Akratic Wizardry
Filed under: Legacy DnD, RPG Hub 
While the magic-user (later rebranded as the 'mage' or 'wizard') always has been my favourite Dungeons and Dragons (or AD&D) class to play, in my early years I also seemed to have been quite fond of the paladin.[...]
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Some Ramblings on the OSR, RIFTS, and more

January 14, 2017 from Stargazer's World
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00A couple of years back the OSR was a mystery to me. For me it was strange that people put so much work and effort into reviving such an old game as the original editions of D&D. Back then I was burned out on all th[...]
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