Adorable Creatures: Otterling

February 27, 2015 from Kobold Quarterly
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Quick-witted, devious, and ambitious, otterlings are a mischievous race that dwells in riverfront villages. They make natural craftsmen and nimble fighters on the battlefield. Meanwhile their grandiose ambitions often le[...]
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Ask The GMs: Some Arcane Assembly Required – Pt 2: Sourcing Parts

February 26, 2015 from Campaign Mastery
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This entry is part 2 in the series Some Arcane Assembly Required This question comes from GM Roy, who wrote: “I need some inspiration to create cool names for spell components. I have 5 [scales of rarity = Mike]: C[...]
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Snakes and Scorpions: Four Menacing Pulp Monsters

February 26, 2015 from Kobold Quarterly
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“… and now from an opening on one side came a silent writhing horror that reared up and glared on the intruder with awful luminous eyes; a serpent twenty feet long, with shimmering, iridescent scales.”[...]
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Tuesday Magic Item – Amber Ant Amulet

February 25, 2015 from Sea of Stars
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Voddick gasped for breath, lying on his back on the roof. “I though we would never loose them,” muttered Golloan, peeking over the edge into the alley several stories below. “It was like they knew where[...]
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