Savage Things (Part 2): The Heroic Teens of Stranger Things

July 27, 2016 from Cinerati
Filed under: RPG Hub, Savage Worlds 
This is the second post in a series of posts presenting the people and places portrayed in the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things. You can find more information about the series, characters, and places in Part One. [...]
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I Think I’m Done With Fate

July 27, 2016 from Stargazer's World
Filed under: Other Systems, RPG, RPG Hub 
I’m finally back from being in the hospital for over 5 weeks where they treated me for my depression and anxiety issues. Now I feel a bit better than before and hopefully I now have new strategies for dealing with [...]
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Some little structure maps

I occasionally draw maps of structures that are small enough that I feel awkward posting them as maps to the …Continue reading →[...]
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