Savage Worlds: Some Observations and Comments

November 25, 2014 from The Outsyder's Blog
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I've owned the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition for quite some time, and even threw together some stats for a few characters I was writing about when I first purchased it. However, for the most part, it has just b[...]
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[MegaDelve] The Cannibal Cave

November 25, 2014 from A Character for Every Game
Filed under: dungeons & dragons, Labyrinth Lord, RPG, RPG Hub 
Still in the “small caves” node of the Dyson Mega Delve, this map links up to last Friday’s map via …Continue reading → [...]
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Bad medicine: Tiny tweak for Unusual Biochemistry effects

November 25, 2014 from T Bone
Filed under: GURPS, RPG Hub 
Here's a really tiny idea of the type I try to relegate to Twitter, but I just couldn't smush it into the character limit. So here it is, at languid non-abbreviated length. Shake it up Unusual Biochememistry (B160) is a[...]
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Alpha Enigma Campaign Log #2: Escaping the Asteroid Mine

November 24, 2014 from The Outsyder's Blog
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The ship detailed here is based on this one in the Maps of Mastery line. When we last left off, our heroes were investigating an asteroid mining complex that had been attacked by orks. Their mission was to recover[...]
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PCs as contacts

November 24, 2014 from Board Enterprises
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So I was watching a newer TV show. This female character appears, she’s in danger, blah blah. I get it. You need to have clueless characters in the show so some more knowledgeable character can explain to the ne[...]
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