Ransom and Flotsam

The city of Ransom is just about what you’d expect from a city with the name “Ransom”. It was built …Continue reading →[...]
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Traveller Aid Society on OBS (RPGNow/DriveThruRPG)

May 2, 2016 from Bat in the Attic
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Looks like the Mongoose Third Imperium and the entire Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition line will have a third party content program. The basic deal is this,Mongoose will allow you to SELL any work in PDF form that uses Mon[...]
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Profession Skill Scope

May 2, 2016 from Game in the Brain
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As work also inspires my gaming, I've come to see Profession more differently. Market Knowledge Market Cycles. the seasons of the business, when most of its earnings happen and the timing of each aspect that has time[...]
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Land of the Spirits Group 2 Session 1 Recap- Saving the Princess of the Moon

May 2, 2016 from Wrath of Zombie
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Yesterday I kicked off a second campaign of Land of the Spirits playtest which uses the awesome Black Hack rules.  I was very excited because this group and I hadn’t gotten to play together in nearly a year du[...]
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The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men or Why you need to know what the loser wanted

May 1, 2016 from Board Enterprises
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In my game world there was a major war, about 25 years ago game time. During this war, the military powerhouse of the continent tried to conquer the rest of the continent. In retrospect, I’ve had difficulty expla[...]
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