Royal Divinity

September 21, 2014 from Board Enterprises
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Continuing our thoughts on what fantasy royals would do (Divine Right of Kings) ... What are the myths about your royal lines? This is more likely one of those things you have thought about. Do they have the blood of d[...]
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[Mutant Future] Savage Menagerie: Porcuspine

September 21, 2014 from The Savage Afterworld
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No. Enc.: 1d4 (2d4)Alignment: ChaoticMovement: 120' (40')Armor Class: 6Hit Dice: 7Attacks: 1 (spines)Damage: 1d8 + poisonSave: L6Morale: 9Hoard Class: NonePorcuspines are medium-sized humanoids (about 4 to 6 feet ta[...]
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[Friday Map] Cooper’s Hole

September 19, 2014 from A Character for Every Game
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We don’t know why the ancients built so may underground structures (perhaps to remain out of the sight of the elves …Continue reading → [...]
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More Mercenary Teams

September 19, 2014 from Dungeonskull Mountain
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We Are Mercenary by madspartan013Here, have some more (mostly antagonistic) mercenary teams for Rifts. Many of these are a bit tongue-in-cheek, which I suppose might not work for some people. I had a little help from peo[...]
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