[Labyrinth Lord] Savage Menagerie: Seacrush

April 18, 2015 from The Savage Afterworld
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No. Enc.: 0 (1d2) Alignment: Neutral Movement: Swim: 90' (30'); Leap: 60' (20') Armor Class: 4 Hit Dice: 7 Attacks: 2 (trample, bite) Damage: 2d8/2d8 Save: F3 Morale: 8 Hoard Class: None The Seacrush is a monstrous[...]
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[Friday Map] Chambers & Constructions of Castle Gargantua

I’m working with Kabuki Kaiser of the excellent Mad Monks of Kwantoom and Ruins of the Undercity on his latest …Continue reading → [...]
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