#RPGaDAY: New Edition & Scariest Game

August 28, 2014 from Dice Monkey
Filed under: Call of Cthulhu, RPG Hub, Star Wars 
What new RPG would you like to see a new edition of? Yesterday’s RPGaDAY is a pretty easy one for me. I’d love to see a new edition of Star Wars D6, with some elements of Edge of the Empire incorporated in, s[...]
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Five Reasons the FATE RPG is Awesome and Why The Rest of the World Sucks for Not Telling Me About it Sooner

August 28, 2014 from Rule of the Dice
Filed under: RPG Hub, Star Wars, World Building 
Seriously, it's been out for over 10 years, someone should have pointed this out to me. It's not like I was completely unaware of FATE. I knew it existed, I had heard of it, knew it won a bunch of awards. But in my "l[...]
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