The Pentagon Of Encounter Design

There are five attributes to any encounter that define it, and any one of them can be the foundation of that encounter. In the old days of D&D, it used to be that there was relatively limited flexibility. You chose a[...]
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Stonehell: Those Crazy Inmates

January 16, 2017 from Tower of the Archmage
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Session 19 was played on 9/9. This is part 2 of this session report. Part I: The Gatehouse! (finally) can be found here. As this was so long ago, I'm going to bullet point the important bits, rather than do my longer mor[...]
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Space 1889: End of a campaign

January 15, 2017 from JP on Gaming
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Back in the day, I bought a book called "Space 1889". At the time, I knew nothing of Steampunk or John Carter. The cover intrigued me so I picked it up and read it. It was so interesting and opened a new genre for me, on[...]
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Out of the Abyss: I Love My Players

January 14, 2017 from Stirges Suck
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Started running an online game of Out of the Abyss.  Two players so far: Peregrine, playing Peren Galanodel:  STR14 DEX16 CON11 INT15 WIS11 CHA11.  Wood elf rogue.  Criminal background.  Ski[...]
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