Thatch and Confusion – creating a village

September 22, 2014 from Campaign Mastery
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Despite many articles in development, today I’m choosing to scratch a pure fantasy-gaming itch that’s been growing for a while. Specifically, I’m going to look at how I go about creating a village for a[...]
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The 50000 Foot View, Part 2

September 22, 2014 from Game Knight Reviews
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Last week in part 1 we talked about a few of the broad brush strokes of the campaign. Let’s keep going on that front… The Far East — the Jade Empire and its Rainbow Court. This was the least fleshed o[...]
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Lost Children – Weird New World: Session 2

September 22, 2014 from Tower of the Archmage
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Session 2 of the weird new world campaign was played on Friday 9/19The party consisted of the following:Max, Human Bard 1 (Yann)Embara, Wood Elf Fighter 1 (Erica)Verdt, 1/2 Elf Wizard 1 (John)Nessendra, Wood Elf Cleric ([...]
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Behind the Gear-spun Curtain: A Purely Steampunk Look at Game Design

September 22, 2014 from Dungeon Mastering
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Gamemastering at GenCon can be a blast. It’s a way to introduce people to a game you love, or even a game you’re trying to publish. It can also be a way to play obscure games that just don’t have a... [[...]
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Dungeon World: Soloing the Cinder Queen

September 20, 2014 from Points of Light
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CastIvan (human invoker of some god of the ocean)Brana (dwarf warrior hireling)Clotilda (human protector hireling)SPOILER WARNING: If you are going to be playing this adventure any time soon, I'd stop here.I go[...]
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