VirtuaCon After Action Report: Corruption Uncovered, Avatars Arrested & Cyber-Apes Smashed

October 21, 2014 from Age of Ravens
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VirtuaCon was awesome. It was one of the best convention experiences I’ve ever had- on or offline. I ran three games; a fourth didn’t go because I had a brief crisis that ate up the morning. I played with[...]
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Whispers from the Well 10/19

October 21, 2014 from Tower of the Archmage
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Your weekly update of the goings on in Stonehell As reported by the tavernkeepers of the Ogre Face Inn Dangers of going it nearly alone Rare is the greed or the need to brave the depths of Stonehell without the suppor[...]
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Race To The Moon – a lesson in story structure

I was catching up on a Documentary series recently aired on Australian TV over the weekend just passed, called “The Sixties”. Each episode attempts to encapsulate one aspect of the singular decade of my birth[...]
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It’s a Good Day to Die

October 20, 2014 from Game Knight Reviews
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One of the trickier things to handle in a campaign is a player’s character death. Over many years of roleplaying, I’ve had my share of character deaths. Not being a computer game, there is no reload/respawn p[...]
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Important People & Places of Greyhawk

October 20, 2014 from Greyhawkery
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Welcome back Greyhawk fanatics. On this busy weekend I haven't had much time to write or draw anything, so I decided to dig into my old campaign notes and see what crazy Greyhawkery I was creating 25 years ago.[...]
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