GM Jam: Changeling the Lost: Play on Target Podcast Special Ep. 3

September 1, 2014 from Age of Ravens
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This week Play on Target tries a new experiment where we “Take Aim At” a particular rpg or setting. To explore that we’ve gather several experienced GMs who have run the game. This first episode looks[...]
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Round Table 32 – Sexual Harassment at the Table

September 1, 2014 from The Tome Show
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Round Table 32 - Sexual Harassment at the Table PARENTAL/TRIGGER WARNING: Just a quick heads up to our listeners, this podcast discusses topics of a sexual harassment, abuse of DM power, and other subjects of an adult [...]
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Strange Magic with Bradley Crouch

August 31, 2014 from G*M*S Magazine
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Interjection Games has created in the last few years some supplements for Pathfinder that have taken Vancian Magic, turned it around, messed with it, added some flavour, put some touches of genius on top and created som[...]
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