[Tuesday Map] The Stony Recesses & Tower of Verrul

I’m putting together another set of printed maps for my incredibly generous Patreon patrons. To do so means going through my …Continue reading → [...]
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Character Sheets? Yeah, I draw those too!

I’m a sucker for a pretty character sheet. In July of 2009 I posted my first hand-drawn D&D character sheet …Continue reading → [...]
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Alternate Inspiration for D&D 5e

July 28, 2014 from Dice Monkey
Filed under: dungeons & dragons, Game Design, RPG Hub 
I’m sure that within a few months, we’ll all stop referring to 5e as 5e, but until then, it’s still 5e. I’ve had a few ideas for some alternate rules, after playing in one session and DMing one. I[...]
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