Arduin Grimoire, Part XV

May 24, 2015 from LizardGames
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Arduin Grimoire, Part XV (And Final) Air Sharks and Doomguards, and Hell Stars, Oh My! And Demon Lore And The 21 Planes Of Hell! And We’re Done! As we finally drift towards the end of the first book, we go out on a[...]
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[Sunday Map] Kevin Campbellā€™s Village Card 3

Kevin Campbell brings us another brilliant village card this week – with a river and dock, and roads as well …Continue reading → [...]
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Friday Favourite: Playing Against Type

May 22, 2015 from Dungeon's Master
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On Friday we comb through our extensive archives to find an older article that we feel deserves another look. From December 2, 2009, Dungeon’s Master once again presents: Playing Against Type. When it comes to char[...]
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[Friday Map] Further Explorations into Castle Gargantua

Last month I indicated that I was drawing maps for Kabuki Kaiser’s next book – Castle Gargantua. The trick about …Continue reading → [...]
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