Why D&D?

September 2, 2014 from Incredible Vehicle
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I thought I’d fallen out of love with roleplaying. But it’s not so simple, is it? I hadn’t given D&D Next a second thought, disappointed after hearing rumors about spell memorization being back, tha[...]
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Strange Magic with Bradley Crouch

August 31, 2014 from G*M*S Magazine
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Interjection Games has created in the last few years some supplements for Pathfinder that have taken Vancian Magic, turned it around, messed with it, added some flavour, put some touches of genius on top and created som[...]
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Casting Runes 6: A Season for All Things – Session 13 Recap

August 31, 2014 from Casting Shadows
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This post continues the exploration and implementation of RuneQuest 6th Edition in a sword and sorcery campaign setting. This was a short session, focused on roleplaying through the fallout of events from the previo[...]
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