2016 Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book

September 24, 2016 from A Character for Every Game
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The 2016 Dungeons & Dragons “Monsters and Heroes of the Realms” Colouring Book is finally out! I got my copies …Continue reading →[...]
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Who doesn’t like ice caverns?

September 24, 2016 from Greyhawk Grognard
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Photo courtesy Legendary RealmsLegendary Realms has just launched a new Kickstarter for their new line of terrain. This time, the offering is ice, beautifully cast from semi-translucent resin. These pieces are perfect fo[...]
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Barrowmaze For 5th Edition

September 23, 2016 from Troll and Flame
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Barrowmaze Complete for D&D 5th Edition KickstarterI've bought the original Barrowmaze, Barrowmaze II, Barrowmaze Complete and loved every single one.  The concept is original and executed brilliantly. Maps are [...]
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the Mastervale Estate

September 23, 2016 from A Character for Every Game
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Bearing obvious similarities to the mansion of the Dervel Merchants in blueridge, the Mastervale Estate is slightly more regular in …Continue reading →[...]
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Some Counter-factual Covers I Forgot

September 23, 2016 from From the Sorcerer's Skull
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After Monday's post, I realize I hadn't tagged a series of fake covers I did a few months ago for our Hydra Cooperative products in the style of Mayfair's Role-Aids line:Here's Mortzengersturm with a Michael Whelan cover[...]
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