Revisiting Where No One Has Gone Before

March 1, 2015 from From the Sorcerer's Skull
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In memoriam of Leonard Nimoy and his iconic role as Spock on Star Trek, I thought it would be a good time to index the Star trek posts I did (mostly for Starships & Spacemen) back when we had a short-lived campaign g[...]
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Between Light and Darkness – Rules for light

March 1, 2015 from Unofficial Games
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One thing I've been tinkering with that I was never really thrilled with in NGR was light sources.  "Torches give you 30 feet of light",  which brings into question a lot of other things to me.  How dark i[...]
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Sunday Inspiration: Blacksmith

March 1, 2015 from A Life Full of Adventure
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Every town needs one."It's going to be a week before I can get to your armor. Farmer Dan's horse broke a shoe, and Paul's plowshare broke..."[...]
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Meta Humans

March 1, 2015 from Barking Alien
Filed under: Old School, RPG, RPG Hub 
I had an epiphany today.Seriously, a revelation.It's an honest to goodness breakthrough.I get why my current group doesn't get genre tropes, and why they don't experience full immersion. They're Metagaming. I've noticed [...]
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Arduin Grimoire, Part VI

February 28, 2015 from LizardGames
Filed under: dungeons & dragons, Old School, Review, roleplaying, RPG, RPG Hub 
Arduin Grimoire, Part VI Classes Like Magic Items And Monsters, You Can Never Have Too Many, Right? (Note That I Didn’t Make Some Kind Of ‘You Got No Class’ Joke. Clearly, I’m Aiming Higher Now.) [...]
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State of the Mega Delve!

February 28, 2015 from A Character for Every Game
Filed under: dungeons & dragons, Labyrinth Lord, RPG, RPG Hub 
Sometime back in November I figured I would finish off 2014 with a small megadungeon styled map. So I pulled …Continue reading → [...]
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5E Friday – OGL

February 27, 2015 from Big Ball Of No Fun
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When discussions about an OGL for 5E started to be bandied about, WotC said we would have something around January 2015. We now approach the end of February and still no news. Honestly, I didn't expect any real announcem[...]
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Actual Fun or Expected Fun?

February 27, 2015 from A Life Full of Adventure
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Gnome Stew posted an article about standing at the crossroads, wondering whether or not to take the adventure/campaign up a notch.The question reminds me of various scenarios of inviting people over to play games. Everyo[...]
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[MegaDelve] The Death Cult

February 27, 2015 from A Character for Every Game
Filed under: dungeons & dragons, Labyrinth Lord, RPG, RPG Hub 
Buried in the crypts and tombs under the ruins of Bryn Mynnyd is the Church of Silence (known be the few …Continue reading → [...]
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Fate of the Strange Stars

February 27, 2015 from From the Sorcerer's Skull
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Yesterday, John Till posted a play report of one of his Strange Stars Fate games at Con of the North. Head over and check it out. John is almost done with the writing of the Fate game book so we'll be going to layout soo[...]
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Player Character Fame

February 27, 2015 from 6d6Fireball
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  How famous are your player characters? In 6d6 Hellenic, the player’s characters are the champions of the gods. With no more than fifty such champions going about doing the work of the Olympic gods, it is unc[...]
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Adorable Creatures: Otterling

February 27, 2015 from Kobold Quarterly
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Quick-witted, devious, and ambitious, otterlings are a mischievous race that dwells in riverfront villages. They make natural craftsmen and nimble fighters on the battlefield. Meanwhile their grandiose ambitions often le[...]
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Thorough Thursdays: SPACE OPERA

February 27, 2015 from Barking Alien
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Prior to this post, I have only tagged the term Space Opera,  ten times. As little sense as that makes for this blog, that is not the subject I wish to be thorough about this particular Thorough Thurs[...]
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