FAQ for Network Members

Can I help with the hosting bill?

Yes, please do! You can donate directly here

You accepted my application. Now what?

Post away, and link back to us.

Is there a members discussion group?

Yes – http://groups.google.com/group/rpgbloggers

Are there Twitter Feeds I should know about?


http://twitter.com/rpgbloggers – I’ll use this account to post rpgblogger-related updates.
http://twitter.com/RPGBN – This is a twitter account that posts updates for the feeds syndicated on rpgbloggers.com
http://twitter.com/ATerribleIdea – That’s me, and it’s much less interesting. But sometimes I post RPGBN related stuff.

What do I do if I have an issue / need my feed updated / quit blogging / have questions?

Email cases@rpgbloggers.fogbugz.com – this will create a ticket that is tracked and much more likely to get addressed than an email.

Do you have an image/banner/graphic I can use on my site to link back?