Join The RPG Bloggers Network

So you’d like to join the network?

Awesome! Here’s what we need:

First, make sure you’ve been posting regularly for at least three months. I know this seems like a pain, especially if you are just starting out. But we need to see that you are a regular updater before we consider accepting your blog.

Once you have a good posting history, email using the subject line “Application : ” and the name of your blog. Please send us the following:

1 – The name of your blog.

2 – The URL to your blog.

3 – A URL to an RSS feed containing only your gaming-related posts

4 – 100 words or so about you and your blog.

Depending on how many applications are in the queue, it could take a couple weeks or more to process your application. Please be patient while we perform the review.

Here are the conditions of membership:

1 – You should keep the RSS feed you provide to us reasonably on the subject of pen and paper RPGs.

2 – You own your posts, we don’t. But in order to syndicate them, we have to reproduce them at least in part. You have to be ok with us doing that.

3 – If your blog goes idle for 6+ weeks, we may stop syndicating it without notice. You should understand that, and not get upset if it happens. You’re free to re-apply if you start posting ago.

4 – As a condition of membership, we ask that you link back to

Pretty simple and straight forward, overall.