RPT Gems #64: Terrifying Post-It Notes, Combat Tracker, OneNote tips

September 12, 2014 from Campaign Mastery
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Character Organization in OneNote If you’ve been thinking about OneNote as your next GM info management tool, check out this YouTube tutorial by Geoff N. How covers how he organizes his NPCs for his game, and in t[...]
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Enlightened Self-Interest, Straits of Anian and the Dunes

September 12, 2014 from Hill Cantons
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Yesterday you may have seen our incredibly dumb “Burma Shave” memes floating around social media announcing that the Slumbering Ursine Dunes Kickstarter launches September 15. Count yourself lucky (or not) [...]
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[Mummy's Mask] Wednesday Night Ghoul Fever

September 12, 2014 from Held Action
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“I like to think of my familiar as quantumly entangled.” — Devin After a night of rest in the temple of the old goddess Bastet, Raenar the archaeologist awoke to find a cat lying on his chest. This seem[...]
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Thanks Kenny! (Interview @ the Lone Cabbage)

September 12, 2014 from Moebius Adventures Blog
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This week I was honored to be interviewed by Kenny over at The Lone Cabbage. We talked about everything from the beginnings of Moebius Adventures to my process and more. Check out the whole interview here. He’s als[...]
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Wolfgang Baur (Gamer to Gamer)

September 12, 2014 from The Tome Show
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Gamer to Gamer is back with new host, James Introcaso. He’s sitting down with Kobold in Chief of Kobold Press, Wolfgang Baur. They cover Wolfgang’s career, from his days at TSR to the creation[...]
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Microlite 20 Star Wars: Session 1

September 12, 2014 from RPG Character A Week
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A Mon Calamari scoundrel, a Wookie scoundrel and an Ewok Jedi (!) walk into a bar on Coruscant... Getting back into roleplaying for the fall, three players joined me for Microlite 20 Star Wars. It was one player's first [...]
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Rifts Misadventures: Session 6

September 12, 2014 from Dungeonskull Mountain
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That cape from the ending scene... by kawacy Our third session using Fate to run Rifts was a relatively short one, though you might not be able to tell from reading this recap. Our GM hadn't had much time to prepare, [...]
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Friday Question: Who Haven’t You Rolled Dice With But Would Like To

September 12, 2014 from Gothridge Manor
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There are a ton of good folks out there in the blogosphere.  My Friday question is who of the bloggers out there, ones you haven't played with yet, would you most like to sit down with and game.  Your group is [...]
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