Azurthite Bestiary: Tigerpillar

April 16, 2015 from From the Sorcerer's Skull
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by B.R. GuthrieTigerpillars are horrible because they are always hungry. Owing to their magical nature (their creation blamed on one ancient and obviously depraved sorcerer or another), their organs are all mixed up--in [...]
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Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Yantrans

April 16, 2015 from Wrath of Zombie
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Week three in the journey of Savage Worlding the awesomeness of Strange Stars. Yantrans The Yantrans are near baseline human and a primitive people with a pervasive cultural belief in nonviolence whose idyllic world[...]
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N: No Stone Unturned

April 16, 2015 from Tower of the Archmage
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“It’s not here”“It has to be!” “Nimble, we’ve torn the building apart. It’s not in the attic, it’s not in the basement. We’ve checked the floorboards, the base[...]
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April 16, 2015 from SoogaGames
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Another blogpost supported by generous Patreon backers!Middly-WackingA high-walled refuge of quaint village life and rampant rollocking right in the middle of Bastion. You might come here to hunt down somebody important,[...]
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