Refined Five Minute Game Preparation

June 1, 2015 from Sly Flourish
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In the Lazy Dungeon Master we try to narrow down adventure preparation to 5 minutes on a single 3x5 note card. If we DMs have only five minutes to prepare our game, what would we spend the time? What[...]
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HJRP1419 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 14 Episode 19

June 1, 2015 from Happy Jacks RPG Podcast
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HJRP1419 Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Tyler, JiB   [...]
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Opportunity Can Be A Wonderful Consequence

June 1, 2015 from Reality Refracted
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Sometimes your players do things that are awesome but not necessarily good or bad. You want to have the world react to it, but there's no clear way. Maybe some people like it. Maybe others don't like it. I'd wager in any[...]
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Belated Friday Faves: 2015-05-31

June 1, 2015 from Ravenous Role Playing
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I’ve been under the weather the past 4-5 days. I’ve barely maintained my energy levels after work to do what is needed around the house. I have collected links up to this point, but with the new Day Job netwo[...]
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Phoenix Comicon 2015 Gaming Report

June 1, 2015 from LivingDice
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Phoenix Comicon 2015 ended today, so it is my chance to give you a report on the many wondrous things seen and games played. Most importantly it is my opportunity to report on the state of gaming at Comicon Phoenix. Bein[...]
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One Day Remaining in the Tomb Edition of the #GeomorphMapContest

June 1, 2015 from Inkwell Ideas
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We’ve had a few more entries into our Geomorph Map Contest: Tomb edition.  Remember, the contest ends late Monday night/early Tuesday (depending on your time zone.)  Details and full rules are available h[...]
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Sneak Preview

June 1, 2015 from Unofficial Games
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What do you do when you aren’t adventuring?

June 1, 2015 from Observations of the Fox
Filed under: design, RPG Hub 
I posed this question to the characters of my LARP group a few weeks back, generally I got blank stares back from the players."I don't understand""What does your character do when they aren't imvolved in these grand adve[...]
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Service is Eternal: The Guide to the First Ones of Saggakar released!

May 31, 2015 from JP on Gaming
Filed under: RPG Hub 
Service is eternal is going to be the first major release for our Tyrants of Saggakar setting. I've been talking about this for a while now. Teased you about it in this post and that post. Well, today is the day where I [...]
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Battle Captains

May 31, 2015 from Board Enterprises
Filed under: Advice/Tools, Other Systems, RPG Hub 
Follow up to Bringing Life to Your Game World and Bringing Life to Your Game World - Part III’ve talked about this before, but it kind of bugs me that when an army “loses” a war, they are often consider[...]
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RPT#659: The Adventure Checklist, Part I

May 31, 2015 from Campaign Mastery
Filed under: RPG Hub 
What follows is the first half of a recipe. It’s an ingredients list. A bit of salt, a bit of sugar, and bits of GM vitamins. Use this list while building adventures, when you get stuck for what to do, or during t[...]
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