[WFPR] Doomstones Session 4

December 22, 2014 from A Life Full of Adventure
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There's another Crystal nearby!On the way to town, the party spotted a long-forgotten cache of orc trinkets buried in a mount. There was some jewelry, a dwarven plate with a map on it, and a couple notes from the Bloodax[...]
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Where should all the Dwarven Forge go?

December 22, 2014 from Bat in the Attic
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Between using Virtual Tabletop for gaming on Monday Night, conventions, the game store campaign, and friends now scattered across the United States, I haven't done much gaming at my house for a long time.For games outsid[...]
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Merry Christmas! Have an adventure

December 22, 2014 from Unofficial Games
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Happy Holidays everyone.   Linked below is a PWYW mini-adventure for both Neoclassical Geek Revival as well as OSR games. The Trail of Stone and Sorrow features art, cartography, and layout by the talented Alex Mayo[...]
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Random Map Monday 1

December 22, 2014 from Gothridge Manor
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I thought I would start participating in Random Map Mondays.  I draw enough maps.  When I watch Netflix or even while I am gaming, I'll draw an outline of a map or some idea of one.  I'm one of those folks[...]
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Cigar Box battle mats review

December 22, 2014 from Geek Ken
Filed under: 4e D&D, Review, RPG Hub 
Ever on the quest to find some cool gaming mats I stumbled across Cigar Box Battle Mats and had to pick a few up. A while back I had gotten some Hotz mats for my Bolt Action and Firestorm Armada games. The star field mat[...]
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Customizing Monsters by Tweaking Attributes

December 22, 2014 from Sly Flourish
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The flat-math design of D&D 5th Edition simplifies monster customization to change their behavior or increase their power. Like reskinning, attribute modification is simple enough to be done at th[...]
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